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Polyester The Saint – American Muscle (Album)


  1. Top Back Intro
  2. On The Regular (Ft. Dom Kennedy)
  3. Drop Top
  4. Under These Palm Trees (Ft. Jay 305)
  5. Can You See Me
  6. Slide In (Ft. G Perico & Bad Lucc)
  7. My Section (Ft. Dom Kennedy & Niko G4)
  8. How Far (Interlude) (Ft. Moni Mendoza & Marc Merlot)
  9. Pinky Rings (Ft. G Perico & Jay Worthy)
  10. My Dawg (Ft. Ray)
  11. Sorry But Not Sorry (Ft. Krondon)
  12. Bye
  13. Thru The Pain (Ft. 1-O.A.K)

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